Live & Love In Grandview, Ohio

Grandview Heights is located in the heart of the nation’s 15th largest city, Columbus, Ohio. Only 4 miles from downtown,  Grandview offers a friendly and artistic vibe. It has been rated #7 in a list of top places to raise a family in Columbus! Growing rapidly, Grandview is quickly becoming a hotspot to grab real estate. Rather than being in the crowded streets of downtown, Grandview Heights offers a more relaxed setting, which makes it one of Columbus’ best neighborhoods in which to live.

Here are some more reasons to love Grandview!

Proximity To Downtown

The beautiful and peaceful neighborhood of Grandview Heights is only 10 minutes away from downtown and the Short North. Without living directly in the “big” city, the streets of Grandview are a little more low key, but they are still exciting with a multitude of things to do. This relaxed ambiance invites people of all ages to spend their days and nights entertained. However, residents can easily and quickly visit the downtown area if they would like.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Grandview Heights is one of the hottest areas for restaurants in the greater Columbus area with numerous dining and nightlife options. With restaurants ranging from Asian and Italian to Indian and more, you will never run out of interesting places to try!

Third and Hollywood offers a trendy and candlelit vibe. Or, if you are craving pizza, go to Figlio for a wood fired pizza paired with a glass of wine. For even more variety, Mazah offers delicious Mediterranean in a casual setting. Walking along Grandview Avenue, you will find people gathered around cozy tables drinking freshly brewed Stauf’s coffee or waiting in line at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream for the newest flavor.

Grandview Heights offers residents a welcoming atmosphere with a thriving community just minutes from downtown Columbus. We are truly not exaggerating when we say that Grandview Heights has it all. From delicious foods from around the world and Ohio’s best craft beer to The Blowout Bar, residents will rarely need to leave.

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