Complimentary Relocation Services

A select network of the nation’s most successful real estate brokers. More than 1,325 offices and 43,500 associates linked in a computerized referral network nationwide. We can put you in immediate contact with member firms who have proven to be the best in respective communities. We can provide you with any information from your destination city.

  • Pre-Move Needs Assessment Counseling

We’ll have our Relocation Coordinator contact you to learn about your lifestyle requirements long before you arrive for your home search. The Coordinator will then select a real estate professional best suited to handle your specific needs. This process allows us to develop a resource/advocate relationship to provide support for all involved.

  • Neighborhood and Home Touring

A tour through Columbus’ neighborhoods is the best way to understand our market. Your customized tour will allow you and your family to become familiar with all the different lifestyles Columbus has to offer. You will be assigned to one of our top-rated associates who will guide you through neighborhoods and homes that fit your family’s needs. Columbus has a diverse metropolitan area and we’re prepared to help you understand why we think it’s a special place to live.

  • Columbus School Information

Ensuring quality education is not only the right thing to do – it is a moral imperative. Good schools lead to strong and stable communities, which, in turn, lead to the economic well-being of cities.

Student’s academic performance is the central focus of this school district. We are responsible not only for what goes into a student’s education, but also for outcomes, including what the student is actually able to do as a result of his/her experiences in school. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of all of our students regardless of race, ethnic and cultural background, gender or socioeconomic status. The definition of success requires our students to fully develop not only their academic potential, but also their physical and emotional potential as well. Student achievement is the basis for all decisions related to academic programming, financial and fiscal management, as well as assessment and accountability.

Further Education/Schools and Universities:

  • Cost of Living

Cost of Living Calculators – View and operate a large range of calculators that will help you with your relocation as well as many other financial decisions you will need to make throughout your move process.

  • Hometown Broker Referral

Whether you are moving from Dallas, Texas or to Portland, Maine, we can assist you in locating a Realtor in your hometown or new destination. Through our network of the nation’s most successful real estate brokers, we can put you in immediate contact with member firms who have proven to be the best in their respective communities.

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